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Kendall and Janet, thank you so much for taking care of Steve’s estate. Your kindness and prompt work made this task much easier to get through – I appreciate your help! – September, 2020

Kendall and Janet, Thank you for your help during the administration of my Brother’s estate. My health issues really threw some curveballs at us and your assistance not only helped me in the administration but also gave me much needed peace of mind. God bless you both. – September, 2020

Kendall, you did a closing for me a while back and I was so impressed with you. I am mostly a Raleigh based agent, but do sell Chapel Hill and HIllsborough every now and then, and look forward to seeing you again. – August, 2020

I really cannot tell you how grateful I am for all of your help. You are always willing to take my calls and assist and give advice. Thank you. – July, 2020

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you Kendall! You made the experience exceedingly pleasant, not only because of your professionalism and attentiveness, but also because of your follow-up and clear communication. The process could not have been easier. – June, 2020

Regarding the draft of my will, I was very positively impressed with the brevity and clarity. You very successfully encapsulated all my wishes in a very brief, straightforward manner. – May, 2020

Thank you for the wonderful closing experience today. Organized, fast, professional and even a little fun. – Client

I greatly appreciated working with you and your office during 2019 and look forward to doing so in 2020. It is always smooth, and I enjoy referring all my clients to you. – Loan Officer

Kendall, thank you so much for all of your help. We are very grateful for you. Your professionalism and integrity are sincerely appreciated. – Client

Kendall, Janet and Chrystal truly, truly thank you for making the closing happen today. You are true masters of your craft and I am grateful! – Realtor

Thank you so much for all of your support during these heavy months. Your strong and steady presence was felt during our loss and your generous willingness to always answer questions quickly and clearly brought ease to our process. – Client

You are the best and do the best closing of any attorneys that I have seen from Chapel Hill to Raleigh and to Holly Springs.” “I would like to thank you and your entire office for all the work you have done for me over the years, You are truly the best! – Loan Officer

I must say it was one of the most efficient and professional closings I have been to. – Loan Officer

Thank you all for helping with our purchase, it went very smoothly, and thanks to the teamwork between everyone at your office. – Client

Thank you for updating my will. I rely on your legal advice and have very high regard for your knowledge and experience. – Client

Thank you for your help and guidance as we purchased our first home. You made the process much easier for us and helped us feel confident and calm about it all. Hope to have the chance to work with you again. – Client

This is a small thank you to acknowledge the wonderful, thoughtful and very helpful resource you’ve been to us over the years (since 2007). We appreciate you and the great work you do! – Client

Thanks to you and your team for helping my clients with closings this past year. You all do the best closing in town! I greatly appreciate the advice and help offered as well. I look forward to working with you in 2018! – Loan Officer

Kendall, it was very nice meeting you yesterday morning! Sara and I appreciated all the excellent help you provided us during this transaction. In many ways, it couldn’t have been smoother. Thank you. – Client

Dear Kendall, we want to thank you and your staff for all your efforts to make closing a delightful experience. From stepping us through our first HUD-1 in 1993 for our first home purchase with our 2 year old daughter, to our new home today as empty nesters, you have been there for all three of our home purchases. We’re very excited. Thanks for being there for us and helping to make it happen. – Client, Real Estate

Thank you for your work for Julie and me. You combine efficiency, knowledge and personability……rare together!! – Client, Real Estate

This note maybe a little tardy, but nonetheless sincere. Having a closing with you the week before last was just a joyful experience. You continue to be so smart and classically lovely. Friends and Family are quite proud and happy for you. – Real Estate Agent

Dear Kendall, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything! Working with you and your wonderful team made this experience a very positive one. It feels so nice to own my town home and I could not have done this without you – you are a blessing! Thank you! – Client, Real Estate

Kendall and Crew, You all are the best!! Thanks for always handling my closings so professionally. Ya’ll make it fun! – Real Estate Agent

Many thanks to you and all of your staff in helping our mutual clients with a successful close on their new home this past week. I was really impressed with how you took the time to really review with my client all of the mountains of paperwork that comes with a new home mortgage and explain all in great depth. Thank you again to you and your team for a great job! – Loan Officer – May, 2016

I have never had an attorney explain a contract so well and with such respect and patience. She is very knowledgeable, and her advice is first rate – Client, Real Estate

It was our first closing with an attorney…coming from Chicago, as you can imagine, we had a little culture shock. Meeting you made many of our fears subside. You are really good at what you do. – Client, Real Estate

I just want to re-affirm our appreciation for your professionalism and your firm’s great work. In all our years we’ve not experienced a real estate closing like yours. You are certainly where you need to be. – Client, Real Estate

Thank you for handling our real estate transaction with competency, style and grace. You were a calming influence during a stressful time and you are a credit to your craft. – Client real estate

Direct, clear and honest, Ms. Page is the antithesis of all the lawyer jokes I’ve ever heard. – Client, Real Estate

Thank you for your counsel over the last few months. Your wisdom and your listening skills have helped us immeasurably! Each time we visit with you, we feel that we have turned this situation around. – Clients

The truth is I know that while they don’t always all go smoothly, I know that I couldn’t entrust those closings to anyone who could handle the challenges any better! That’s why I keep coming back for more! You truly work amazingly well together as a team, and there’s no on who could better serve our mutual clients! – Real Estate Agent

As a high end realtor, the closing is the final touch to the professionalism I am demonstrating to my clients throughout the whole process. You win! Your back office professionalism, your own face-to-face dealings with my clients, and your documentation is far superior to that which I have observed at a number of other firms. – Real Estate Agent

I’ve been seeing you in action ever since I began my banking career at B B and T twelve years ago, and you are such an inspiration and role model for us all. You’re incredible at what you do at the closing table (and everything in between) and you offer so much to our community. – Loan Officer

Thank you for your outstanding work with so many of our shared clients. You have a stupendous team. It is a privilege to close loans with you. I want you to know how much I appreciate your professionalism, your steady hand at the helm of your ship, your team’s cooperation and flexibility and the opportunity to work with you. – Loan Officer

Your staff provides the best real estate closing services in town. I know that when I recommend you, the closing will take place professionally, on time, and with good communication along the way. – Real Estate Agent

Thanks for continuing to manage the best real estate closing team in Chapel Hill – Real Estate Agent

Your delivery of the knowledge of real estate law, and attention to detail exhibits a wonderful tone of professionalism, accenting consumer awareness and my client service. You make a good job better, thanks. – Real Estate Agent

My mother and I want to thank you for your responsiveness in updating Mom’s legal documents recently. It was important to make that happen quickly due to Mom’s imminent medical procedure and your willingness to accommodate us was much appreciated. – Client, Estate Planning

Thank you for making the business of setting up a Will such an easy task! You have a unique way of being efficient and professional – combined with a sense of fairness that is a great comfort to me in a lawyer. – Client, Estate Planning

15 April, 2015
Dear Kendall,
Thank you for your straightforward approach in your practice. Creating and deciding on the documents and various options was much less difficult than we anticipated. Thank you for “translating” the legalese and keeping a great sense of humor throughout the process. We have passed on recommendations to some friends and we’re happy to refer you!
Sincerely, Christina