Estate Planning, Probate and Estate Administration


Proper and thoughtful Estate Law representation is vital to individuals and families to minimize challenges and disputes that may arise from the death of a loved one due to illness or accident or change in life status such as divorce. It is imperative to seek and obtain comprehensive representation based on your specific needs and goals regarding your assets, children and loved ones and keep these documents current, complete and updated. We offer the following Estate Planning Services to clients in the Triangle area:

  • Wills: Provide structure on how your real and personal property should be distributed upon your death and assign an Executor of your Estate.
  • Estate Administration and Probate: Manage the probate of your Estate by administering the details necessary to meet the guidelines and requirements of the State process and coordinate all details between parties and meet all deadlines.
  • Health Care Power of Attorney: The appointment of someone you trust to make healthcare decisions on your behalf in the event you are incapacitated.
  • Durable Powers of Attorney: The designation of someone to manage your financial affairs in the event you are unable, and said agent does not have to be a family member, but someone who understands your goals and values and has your best interest at heart.
  • Living Wills: A document stipulating you have decided not to allow extraordinary measures to be taken to prolong your life under specific scenarios.
  • Revocations of Powers of Attorney

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